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"Taking the Guesswork out of Change"




• Minimising risk

• Saving money

• Aligning the organisation, delivering results


Making a measurable difference to your organisation through


Products and services and/or

Processes and systems and/or

People, leadership, culture


Whatever the nature of the change you are planning, you will want to avoid the risk that something will go wrong and you will not achieve your objectives.


Operating efficiently to achieve your strategic objectives saves money. The Verax methodology calculates this.


• One client saved over £5M p.a. year on year in their supply chain

• Another turned an international loss maker to $160M p.a. profit maker in 4 years.

• A professional firm increased revenue by 20% p.a.


Elsewhere, over 75% of change initiatives fail to achieve what they set out to achieve – Billions of £,$, € are wasted annually, not to mention time and frustration.


Your Needs


You want to ensure that your change plan will work to achieve your goals.  Verax’s highly researched and robust methodology means that change is aligned directly to your business objectives.


You will know precisely what has to happen in your organisation in order to achieve your strategic objectives. You will know precisely where you are now and exactly what needs to be done in order to achieve success.


We minimise risk for you through scientific analysis of what will give you the biggest pay off and then through continuous monitoring, quantifying progress, and analysing the consequences of your change interventions. This gives you immediate feedback on success or otherwise, and so prevents calamities and costly mistakes.


Wouldn’t it be comforting, knowing that all performance drivers are aligned and directed toward the same ends, and that everything within the organisation is aligned with what you need to do in your market place?


This gives you an edge over your competition; your staff are all contributing in the way they need to, as they are involved in analyses, local planning and implementation; systems and processes are efficient, effective and aligned making it easier to get things done:


In the right way

At the right time

To achieve the right goals


How do we so it?


Organisations are set up in order to achieve certain results and objectives or outcomes. Results and outcomes are achieved by using resources (capital, knowhow, facilities), in certain ways (performance drivers etc). There is a direct relationship between the way performance drivers operate and the result achieved, as below.




We start by getting a very clear picture of precisely what your organisation needs to achieve for each key stakeholder within your target time frame (we call this the Strategic Profile). Then by using our rigorous research which has confirmed how each performance driver produces each set of results, we scientifically calculate the extent and efficiency to which each performance driver needs to be carried out.


If your strategy changes, there is flexibility to recalculate to meet your new needs.


We collect data using the Verax Organisational Transitions Inventory (OTI) to show where you are already on track and the gaps that need filling. Our system produces a prioritised set of very specific recommendations about what to reinforce, what to do more of, what to change.


Working with you, your managers and staff (and any consultants you are using) we help you bring about appropriate change organisation-wide and or locally, while getting buy-in so that change is consolidated through commitment.


Regular on-going monitoring provides early feedback on success, increasing motivation. Early warning of less successful interventions minimises risk and avoids costly mistakes. The project never runs out of steam. Change is seen through to its logical conclusion.


At regular intervals we can calculate a financial ROI for the project so far and at the end, so that you know the financial value of the savings you make and the financial benefit vs. the cost.



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• Organisational Transformation, Development & Change

• Exceptional Team Performance

• High Performance Leadership

• Effective Project Management

• World class Health & Safety Performance

• Human Capital Management

• Financial ROI on learning and development


All aligned directly with your business strategy.





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