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"The Talent Dichotomy"


The more specific the transformation objective, the better companies can prioritise efforts and align their work to a higher-order business objective.


The most underappreciated part of the transformation trinity of “people, process and technology” is people


81% of HR business partners are not perceived as strategically effective.


Technology and process are incredibly important to get right, but the best designed technology or the most minutely constructed processes are only as good as the people using them.


76% of business leaders believe that HR does not understand which talent issues are most important for the business.


Executives predict they will need a 20 per cent improvement in performance above current levels to meet business objectives. Moreover, the vast majority of companies will have to realise these gains by relying on their current workforce, not by hiring more employees.


Talent is a scarce resource – more than capital or technology – and poses a significant barrier to growth. The ability to source, develop and retain talent is a critical differentiator.


76% of senior staff are being asked to achieve more and broaden objectives.


A great team can be great with even a mediocre technology or process; a mediocre team with a great technology is never more than mediocre.


The only important definition of business transformation is that which helps a firm sell more products or make more money from selling them. And, for that, managers should focus on realistic goals, invest in people, and improve employees’ information handling and judgement.


Yet, 73% of leaders say that their primary goal is to cut costs!!


Excerpts from “Raconteur, The Times” 14th may 2014




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