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A unique approach to Talent Development


What makes the Verax approach unique ?

• Development stops being an act of faith. With the Verax approach you know precisely how individuals and teams have developed – in measurable terms, plus the financial value of that development to the organisation.

• Everything, from recruitment to development and promotion takes place in context – the context of your organisation and the results it is trying to achieve.

• Sustainable development throughout an individual’s stay with your organisation.

• Relevant and specific, targeted development based on business needs.

• Joined up approach for all levels, functions, managers and individual contributors, individuals and teams.

• Enables you to develop and grow the most effective people

i.e. those who:

• Achieve pre-agreed goals

• Create mutually rewarding relationships with others

• Manage change effectively

• Are emotionally stable

How do we do it ?

• We have growing evidence that development programmes based on relevant diagnostics deliver a much higher ROI than those without.

• After significant research into the factors responsible for effectiveness (for individuals, leaders, teams) we are able to diagnose and analyse not just what someone does, but the impact or effect of that on the business results they achieve. A gap analysis between that and the results the organisation needs, delivers a bespoke, accurate and highly specific development programme.

Modules include :-


Ensures you recruit the most effective people who will deliver the goals and needs of today and successfully meet the challenges of tomorrow. The De-railer scale ensures that you highlight potential “rogue” candidates.

PEP 360 and Self-Assessment

Ensures you develop your talent to be effective contributors. Diagnoses current levels of effectiveness and its impact on results achieved. Highlights the effectiveness de-railers that get in the way. Analyses the gaps between current and future needed effectiveness to produce a bespoke, specific development programme.

Leading for Results

Diagnoses a leader’s current leadership practices and the impact they have on business results. Highlights leadership de-railers and themes or patterns of behaviour that help or hinder. Gap analysis identifies precisely what to do to deliver results today and contribute to the achievement of the future strategy.

Team Effectiveness

Diagnoses what goes on in the team and analyses the impact on what the team achieves in terms of its purpose and goals. Analyses individual member behaviour and relationships, team processes and the team’s relationship with the rest of the organisation.

In all cases re-measures quantify the amount of change and growth in effectiveness and calculate the financial value and contribution to business results.


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