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A unique approach to Organisational Development


What makes the Verax approach unique? - Improved Business Results

• You know the potential cost savings or business results improvements from the outset

• You get a calculation of the  financial ROI during and at the end of the intervention

• Sustainable programme means you achieve your objectives and don’t run out of steam

• All parts of the organisation in alignment

• Internal culture and market place aspirations reflect each other

• In-depth diagnosis reaches the parts that other programmes cannot reach


How do we do it?   -   3 Simple Steps

Step 1 Feasibility

As a result of our in-depth research we:

• Comprehensively diagnose what needs to be done to achieve your strategic objectives (as determined by the executive team)

• Estimate potential cost savings/improved business results

• Precision gap analysis between how things are currently done internally and in the market place and how they need to be done

• Prioritised action plan to move from current to needed position

• Realistic timescales for achievement of results


Step 2 – Implementation

• Converting plan to actions – high level across the entire organisation to specific issues ensuring alignment throughout

• We work with you to implement either through using your own internal capability and/or your preferred consulting provider or with Verax professionals

• Project manage the intervention, work with managers and others on implementation drawing on internal expertise and experience wherever possible


Step 3  -  Sustainability and Evaluation

• Continuous, real-time analysis of what is being done internally and in your market-place

• Provides virtually instantaneous feedback of successful interventions

• Re-prioritises plans based on the dynamics of change

• Forecasts what is likely to happen and to be achieved if you do nothing else

• Calculates financial ROI on intervention ongoingly and ultimately at the end of the project


Results achieved elsewhere

• £5m pa savings from £30,000 pa investment in small supply chain

• International chemical company moved from loss maker to over $600m profit in 4 years

• Professional firm increased revenues by over 20% pa




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