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As an educator you will want your students to be better equipped to thrive in today’s world, to be employable, to be independent, to be entrepreneurs; to be well-rounded people; put them in control of their lives, their relationships, with enhanced wellbeing, contributing positively.


Technical skills alone do not do that.


3 years ago the Government was exhorting the education system to deliver, alongside the academic curriculum, individuals with character, attributes and behaviours that underpin success and achievement in the workplace.


What are the attributes that underpin Success ?


Based on our research in 2015 and 2018, the skills and attributes that were seen to lead to success were:-


  • Perseverance, resilience, grit
  • Confidence and Optimism
  • Motivation, Drive, Ambition
  • Neighbourliness, Community Spirit
  • Tolerance, Respect
  • Honesty, Integrity, Dignity
  • Conscientiousness, Curiosity, Focus.


These are all learnable once the individual becomes aware of their current strengths and development areas. Research shows that conventional Personality Type questionnaires do not lend themselves to identifying these issues. Effectiveness is the result of more than personality.




PEP-Choices is the result. It consists of a short but statistically valid and reliable, on-line questionnaire. The report identifies current strengths to reinforce and areas for development.


A Handbook of “how-tos” and development assignments complements facilitation and provides a framework and support for the student, so that they take responsibility for their own learning, their goals and their achievements.


A re-measure after 6 months quantifies the gains and improvements made.


The Handbook and associated workshop or coaching activities help the student internalise change and so manage life’s emotional, often anxiety-ridden journey. It helps to develop an internal locus of control vs external validation, thus improving emotional and psychological wellbeing.


These activities are structured using the latest learning methods, making them easy to assimilate and apply.


What PEP-Choices covers:


• Goal & Achievement orientation

• Resilience and Persistence

• Learning from Experience

• Self-Esteem

• Critical Thinking & Reasoning (Planning &

  Organising, Decision Making, Problem-Solving)

• Task/Job Style


  • Open-mindedness
  • Drive and Focus
  • Objectivity
  • Relationships based on Trust & Respect
  • Relationship Skills (Active Listening, Feedback, Confronting)
  • Communications Style

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