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Leadership for Achievement


The Secret of Success. How Your Leaders Can Achieve Your Strategic Goals.


Leadership Development need no longer be an act of faith.

You’ve devised your strategy – so now what for Leaders?


The Strategic Profile blueprint:-

• sets out exactly how to make your organisation successful, achieve its strategic goals

• shows precisely how your leaders can impact your business results

• Oh! By the way – prove the financial value of this exciting new approach by calculating a financial ROI on our intervention.


Leading for Results (LFR):-

• scientifically aligns leadership practices to your strategy (through the Strategic Profile)

• robustly measures what each leader does

• uniquely analyses their impact on business results and other outcomes


This provides a precise and specific development plan for each leader directly aligned to and completely in the context of your strategy and to deliver the results your organisation needs.


Most leaders do not understand how they do achieve results or how what they do impacts on their people.


This is why 43% of CMI (Chartered Management Institute) members rated their immediate boss as “ineffective” or “very ineffective”.


This is why our Human Capital research identified that just over 50% of leaders could double the value of the contribution they make to their organisation by doing things differently and doing different things – Not by working harder or longer hours !!!!


This probably explains why the average length of tenure for Board Members of publicly quoted Companies in the USA is only 18 months.


In reality, most leaders do not know what they, personally, need to do to deliver the results and strategic imperatives that their organisation needs.


Your leaders are probably no different.


Our Leading For Results (LFR) diagnostic prevents that. LFR provides information, in depth analysis and insight not available elsewhere, into the things that get straight to the heart of business results.




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