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An exciting, new-generation, highly researched selection tool.

Talent Spotting for your Organisation!

NHS Quote: Verax  PEP SELECT results were scarily accurate. We are delighted with the candidates we selected using PEP. They are already contributing at a very high level.

Going beyond Personality and Competencies, PEP-SELECT

was researched to identify those factors responsible for personal

effectiveness - staff who add value through:

tick Resourceful achievement of results

tick Creating mutually rewarding relationships


- as measured in PEP-SELECT

correlates highly with on-job effectiveness, irrespective of role. It is also a good predictor of senior management potential


tick Emotional stability

tick Their capacity for change and growth

The factors responsible for these are summarised as "Adaptability".


"The right people with the right skills around flexibility and adaptability will survive anywhere and in any industry. We can always add the technical skills later." Nigel Payne, Head of BBC People Development

Minimise the risk of recruiting the wrong person.

The De-railer Index in PEP-SELECT highlights deep-seated attitudes or motivations that could negatively impact effective performance.


It has been estimated that a de-railer can have 3 times more negative impact than the positive impact of a productive feature.


Identifying potential problems at the recruitment stage saves later cost, disruption, loss of contribution, productivity etc.




According to research, 40% of new hires leave in the first year. An average performer breaks-even after more than 2 years. 80% of employees do not contribute to their organisation as needed. Over 50% could contribute twice their current value.


With PEP-SELECT you can recruit those who will contribute now, who can change, grow and add capacity to suit your organisation both now and in the future.


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